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Please list the names and phone numbers of 2 references. Either someone you have worked on a project with in the past or someone who can speak to your sincere interest in volunteering at the Film Festival.

Please read the volunteer agreement below and check the box if you agree.

I understand as a volunteer I receive no compensation. My time and work I do at the festival is volunteered as a donation to the success of the festival. I understand no insurance coverage of any kind is provided in the event of injury or illness. The information in this application is true. Select "Yes" to agree to this agreement.
Thank you for agreeing to volunteer! Every effort will be made to assign you to your preference. All volunteers will need to attend an introductory session before the festival. We will answer questions you may have and cover your duties and responsibilities. It is important that you respond to emails/phone calls from organizers. If we are not able to get in touch with you we will have no choice but to remove you from the volunteer list.

Terms and Conditions
• Only applicants above the age of 18 will be considered.
• Applicants who do not respond to emails/phone calls from organizers during the selection process will not be considered.
• You will be assigned at the discretion of the organizers and your volunteer preference will be considered.
• We would appreciate a 15-day prior notice in case a Volunteer wishes to back out after his/her selection.
• There is no financial remuneration for the role of the Volunteer, although we will provide a certificate crediting the volunteer for his/her effort, and of course, your chance to experience cinema, masterclasses with incredible filmmakers and meeting incredible talent.
• On submission of this form, you’ll receive further instruction.