Equity Films

Equity Films, Inc is a place to tell compelling stories that transforms lives and fuels economic growth. It is a bi-coastal local Film, TV and billboard company founded by Patricia Ferguson and inspired by her sons Daniel and Joshua to champion creatives in small rural and underrepresented communities across the country.  As former and present-day industry leaders, actors and creatives, Patricia brings to the company a love for Film, TV and Billboard and the role the creative arts can play in community and economic mobility. 

As a product of the Freedom Theatre, in Phila, PA, under the brilliant tutelage of  the late great John Allen and Bob Leslie, she understands the transformative nature of the arts and its impact has proven to benefit lives and communities. Her vision to showcase talent- with a particular passion for local rural and underrepresented centers, with opportunities in the Performing, Creative, and Conceptual Arts and Entertainment Industry, to improve quality of life and economic opportunity…is a dream come true. Rural communities host some of the most amazing talent on the planet.  The lack of opportunity and access to the performing arts and entertainment centers, does not diminish their gifts and talents.  Faith and hope are threads that hem in the possibility of all things and without it, rural and underrepresented places, dreams are deferred. 

As  a NEW KID on the creative arts promotion block, Equity-Films is proud to celebrate the creative arts and showcase talent, especially local talent in rural and underrepresented communities.